2024 Honda Pioneer 700 Top Speed, Price, Table, HP Review

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2024 Honda Pioneer 700 Top Speed, Price, Table, HP Review

Honda Pioneer 700 Key Features

675cc Engine:

Powered by a 675cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine, the Pioneer 700 delivers reliable and efficient performance for a wide range of off-road activities.

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT):

The Pioneer 700 has a Dual Clutch Transmission that can be operated in both fully automated and manual modes. The smooth and rapid changes provided by this revolutionary transmission improve the whole riding experience.

Paddle Shifters:

The Pioneer 700’s paddle shifters provide manual gear selection for individuals who prefer greater control over the gearbox, especially in difficult terrain.

 Seating Options:

The Pioneer 700 is available in two- and four-seater variants to meet a variety of applications. The four-seater variant adds passenger capacity for group excursions.

Independent Suspension:

The Pioneer 700’s independent suspension on all four wheels delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and bumps for better handling on a variety of terrains.

4×4 Capability:

The Pioneer 700’s selectable 2WD and 4WD modes offer excellent traction in difficult circumstances. The vehicle’s 4×4 characteristics make it ideal for off-road excursions.

Tilting Cargo Bed:

The Pioneer 700’s selectable 2WD and 4WD modes offer excellent traction in difficult circumstances. The vehicle’s 4×4 characteristics make it ideal for off-road excursions.

Electric Power Steering (EPS):

Some Pioneer 700 models include Electric Power Steering, which provides rapid and accurate steering control, especially in difficult terrain.

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Honda Pioneer 700 Price USA 2024

                Price: BASE MSRP: $11,899

                Destination Charge: $785.00

                Freight Surcharge:  $400.00

Honda Pioneer 700 Top Speed

                      Top Speed: 45 mph

Honda Pioneer 700 MPG

       Miles Per Gallon: 18.7 MPG (12,58 L/100 km)

Honda Pioneer 700 Horsepower

          Horsepower: 36.1 HP

Honda Pioneer 700 Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity: 8.1 gallons, including 1.5-gallon reserve

Honda Pioneer 700 Weight

                   Weight:1,292 lb

Honda Pioneer 700 Length

                    Length: 102.6 inches

Honda Pioneer 700 Colours

Avenger Red, Black Forest Green, and Sandstone Beige.

Honda Pioneer 700

Honda Pioneer 700 Table

Certainly! Here’s a table summarizing key specifications and features of the Honda Pioneer 700.

Category Specification/Feature
Engine 675cc Liquid-Cooled Single-Cylinder
Transmission Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)
Transmission Modes Fully Automatic and Manual Paddle Shift
Seating Options Two-Seater and Four-Seater Models
Suspension Independent Suspension on All Four Wheels
Drive System Selectable 2WD/4WD
Towing Capacity Capable of Towing Trailers and Equipment
Cargo Bed Hydraulic-Assisted Tilting Cargo Bed
Steering Electric Power Steering (EPS) on Some Models
Safety Features Roll Cage, Side Nets (where applicable), Three-Point Seatbelts
Off-Road Capability Built for Versatile Off-Road Performance
Fuel System Fuel Injection System for Efficiency
Engine Cooling Liquid Cooling System for Optimal Temperature Regulation
Brakes Front and Rear Drum Brakes
Wheelbase Varies by Model
Ground Clearance Varies by Model
Weight Varies by Model
Fuel Capacity Varies by Model
Paddle Shifters Available for Manual Gear Selection
Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive i-4WD System for Adaptive Front and Rear Wheel Drive
Ergonomic Design Comfortable Seating, Well-Placed Controls
Innovative Features Fuel-Efficient Four-Stroke Operation, Versatile Performance


Honda Pioneer 700 table


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The Honda Pioneer 700 is a top-tier utility vehicle with a 675cc single-cylinder engine, Dual Clutch Transmission, and features for off-road versatility. Its tilting bed, electric power steering, and adjustable seating configurations enhance the off-road experience. Honda’s commitment to performance, durability, and user-friendly design ensures a reliable companion for off-road enthusiasts. The Pioneer 700’s combination of power, efficiency, and innovative technology empowers riders to conquer diverse landscapes, creating lasting memories.

FAQs Section:

1.  What is the towing capacity of the Honda Pioneer 700?

The Honda Pioneer 700 boasts a towing capacity suitable for hauling trailers and equipment. The exact towing capacity may vary by model and trim, so it’s recommended to consult the owner’s manual or contact the dealer for precise information.

2. Can the Honda Pioneer 700 be used for both work and recreational purposes?

Yes, the Honda Pioneer 700 is designed for versatile use, making it an excellent choice for both work-related tasks and recreational adventures. Its robust features, such as a tilting cargo bed and adaptable seating configurations, cater to a wide range of needs.

3.  Does the Honda Pioneer 700 have Electric Power Steering (EPS)?

Some models of the Honda Pioneer 700 come equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS), enhancing steering control and maneuverability, especially in challenging off-road conditions. Check the specific model or trim to confirm the availability of EPS.

4.  What type of transmission does the Honda Pioneer 700 feature?

The Honda Pioneer 700 is equipped with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). This advanced transmission offers both fully automatic and manual paddle shift modes, providing a seamless and responsive riding experience tailored to the rider’s preferences.

5. How many passengers can the Honda Pioneer 700 accommodate?

The Honda Pioneer 700 is available in both two-seater and four-seater configurations, offering flexibility in passenger capacity. Riders can choose the model that suits their needs, whether for solo adventures or group outings with family and friends.

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