Top11 Worst Yanmar Tractor Models To Avoid In 2024

Buying a Yanmar tractor is a great choice. One of the top tractor manufacturers. Additionally, Yanmar tractors are reliable and efficient. Some Yanmar tractor models should be avoided.

Is Yanmar a decent tractor? Indeed, Yanmar promises to make amazing tractors. Some Yanmar tractors still fall short. These Yanmar tractors aren’t worth it.

Before buying a Yanmar tractor, know which ones to avoid. Here are the worst Yanmar tractor models and their difficulties. Consider rethinking that model.

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11 Yanmar Tractor Models To Avoid In 2024

Do you recommend Yanmar tractors? Yanmar tractors are known for their exceptional efficiency. Maximum production with minimal emissions and fuel consumption are achieved by Yanmar tractors through the use of modern engineering techniques and low power.

Not only are their tractors efficient, but they are also versatile, reasonably priced, easy to use, and practical. To sum up, Yanmar tractors are devoted to quality, which allows them to make dependable, long-lasting machinery.

Still, you shouldn’t buy a certain model of Yanmar tractor. These versions aren’t the most reliable, and you might have to buy replacement parts for them.

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1. Yanmar YM273

There aren’t many models like the YM273. Finding the components of this model is not easy. Its inadequate sharing option is another well-known feature of the model. Repairing or servicing the device becomes complicated due to the hard-to-find parts.

Identifying the components requires work and time. Having the necessary components made to order is an option to explore on occasion. The YM273 model, alas, keeps a low profile. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to get supplies from dealers, such as belts or filters.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From  YM273?

  • Very unusual model
  • Low availability of replacement components 
  • limited sharing.Yanmar Tractor

2. Yanmar YM177

The uncommon YM177 was made for the Korean market. This model’s replacement parts are also hard to get. Parts may be available in Korea but not elsewhere.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From  YM177?

  • Very unusual model
  • Only Korea sells replacement components.
  • Not sharing

3. Yanmar FX235

FX235 is mostly made for Japan. Quality parts with Japanese instructions are included. A translator is needed if you buy parts online.

A few dollars more is charged for translated editions. The model also adapts slower than a tractor. Blown gaskets are another FX235 concern.

Early detection lets you fix the problem. A blown gasket causes radiator issues, overheating, etc. after the fact. This model should be avoided.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From FX235?

  • Replacement parts are hardly available otherwise, except in Japan
  • Japanese instruction manual
  • A blown gasket

4. Yanmar SA424

Problems with the SA424 model are difficult to fix. Failure to start is a major issue. Starting problems can be caused by faulty electrical components and engines.

Other drawbacks include low fuel economy and front-end loader failures. So many flaws with this strategy might overwhelm a new farmer. It could impair your workflow.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From  SA424?

  • Failure to start
  • Front-end loaders fail
  • Poor fuel economy

5. Yanmar YM350

The YM350 is another Korean model that is rarely sold abroad. Finding new components for this model is also difficult. However, some parts are interchangeable between versions.

It’s hopeless to repair or enhance the YM350 tractor. Korean instructions are included. Thus, farming utilities beginners may find this guidebook confusing.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From YM350?

  • Korean instruction manual
  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Limited sharing options

6. Yanmar YM455

The YM455 is a Korean-only model, resulting in limited replacement parts outside Korea and the inability to share spare parts between models.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From YM455?

  • Replacement parts are difficult to come by.
  • No sharing or exchange options

7. Yanmar 1500D

Avoid the Yanmar 1500D in chilly climates. Starting the engine is difficult with this model. Starting problems are especially common in cold weather.

Many consumers complained about overheating and 4WD mode failure. Restoring tractor operation requires the mechanic’s attention.

The 1500D tractor’s fuel line and engine may need expensive upgrades. Most importantly, tractor launch is difficult, especially in bad weather.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From  1500D

  • Failure to start
  • Overheating issue
  • Fail to launch the 4WD mode

8. Yanmar YM1110

Another well-liked model on the Japanese market is the YM1110. Due to its exclusive Japanese production, spare parts options are extremely limited. Additionally, spare parts for this model are not shared with other models. Due to the scarcity of replacement parts, custom-made or used components may be utilized.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From YM1110?

  • Replacement parts are very rare.
  • No sharing options are available.

9. Yanmar F22, F16 And FX32

There are extremely few examples of the 2-digit “F” series models available on the market. Some examples include the F22, F16, and FX32. Having made its debut in 1984, the F22 is a fairly old model that is constructed specifically for the Japanese market. Even though it is a Japanese model, there are a handful of them available in the United States.

In spite of the fact that previous versions of these devices are readily available, it is more difficult to locate more recent variants. The price of used parts is notoriously high. Moreover, cosmetic components are quite difficult to come by.

There are no sleeves used in the construction of the engine in these “F” series cars. As a consequence of this, by overheating it, it can become deformed. The cost of the repairs will increase as a consequence. The most important thing to note is that these models have a short lifespan.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From F22, F16 And FX32?

  • A rather uncommon model
  • Used components that are expensive
  • There is a limited supply of cosmetic components.
  • High-priced repairs

10. Yanmar YM2200 And YM2700

Despite the fact that certain components are still difficult to come by, the YM2200 and YM2700 models, which are the last ones on the list, are quite popular. The components, which include connecting rods, cylinder heads, intake valves, and exhaust valves, are exceedingly difficult to locate.

Why Should You Stay Avoid From YM2200 And YM2700?

Essential components are challenging to find

 11.Yanmar YM5000

The YM5000 is an American model, however it’s extremely hard to find. In addition, the model’s weight and size are excessive compared to previous Yanmar models. It is difficult to fit inside a container at one time, which raises the cost of shipping.

Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to share its spare parts. Transporting the spare components all over the world would be expensive. The output power of the YM5000 is high. Due to safety constraints on local roads, you can only transport a limited number of options at a time.

Why Should You Stay Avoid YM5000?

  • extremely uncommon model
    No way to share
  • costly shipping procedure
    The amount of freight is limited by high power output.


It is recommended that you steer clear of the Yanmar tractors listed above if you wish to have Yanmar as your companion in the field. When it comes to tractors, this particular type of agricultural utility vehicles is generally outstanding, except replacement parts are not easily accessible. Therefore, choose any model of Yanmar that is not one of the types indicated above.

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