Top CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Review and Problems

The CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Reviews is well-known for its strong performance and adaptability in a range of situations, including off-road exploration and agricultural labor. It stands out especially for having a sturdy 800cc V-twin engine that offers a good mix of power and economy. Customers frequently compliment its roomy and cozy seats as well as the practicality of equipment like the integrated winch and tilting cargo bed. One notable feature of the UFORCE 800 is its competitive pricing for such a complete kit.


The CFMOTO UFORCE 800 is a versatile and robust utility task vehicle (UTV) that has garnered attention in the off-road and utility vehicle market. Known for its blend of performance, functionality, and affordability, the UFORCE 800 caters to both recreational riders and those needing a dependable work vehicle

Specifications Key

1. Engine 

In the context of vehicles, the engine is the core component that powers the vehicle, converting fuel into mechanical energy to drive movement. Here’s an overview of the key aspects and functions of an engine:

2. Horsepower and Torque


  • Definition: Horsepower is a unit of measurement for power, which is the rate at which work is done. In the context of vehicles, it’s a measure of how much power an engine can produce.The UFORCE 800 is among the most potent side-by-sides on the market thanks to its engine’s 62 horsepower output at 6700 rpm.
  • Importance: Horsepower is often used as a metric for the engine’s overall capability, particularly its ability to maintain high speeds. A higher horsepower means the vehicle can produce more power, allowing for faster acceleration and higher top speeds.


  • Definition: Torque is a measure of rotational force, specifically, the force that an engine can produce to turn the wheels of a vehicle. It is typically measured in pound-feet (lb-ft) or Newton-meters (Nm).
  • Importance: Torque is crucial for understanding how a vehicle will perform under load, such as when towing or climbing hills. High torque at low engine speeds indicates strong pulling power, which is especially important in trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is a modern method of supplying fuel to an engine, replacing older carburetor systems. It’s an efficient and precise means of controlling the fuel-air mixture that an engine burns, offering several advantages over traditional carbureted systems.

How EFI Works

  • Fuel Delivery: EFI systems use electronic controls to deliver fuel directly into the engine’s cylinders or intake manifold. This process is managed by a series of sensors and an electronic control unit (ECU).
  • Sensors and ECU: Sensors monitor various engine parameters like air temperature, engine speed, throttle position, and oxygen levels in the exhaust. The ECU processes this data to determine the optimal amount of fuel to inject.
  • Fuel Injectors: These are electronically controlled valves that open and close to release the correct amount of fuel. They can adjust the fuel delivery with a high degree of precision.

Advantages of EFI

  • Fuel Efficiency: EFI provides a more precise fuel-to-air ratio, improving fuel efficiency.
  • Emission Control: It reduces vehicle emissions by ensuring a more complete and cleaner burn of fuel.
  • Performance: Offers improved throttle response, more consistent power delivery, and smoother engine operation.
  • Adaptability: EFI can adjust to changes in altitude and temperature more effectively than carburetors.
  • Reliability: Reduces maintenance needs and increases the reliability of the engine, as EFI systems are less prone to clogging and heat-related problems.


Affordability is a prominent aspect of the CFMOTO UFORCE 800. It strikes a wonderful balance between efficiency and affordability. 

The UFORCE 800 is competitively priced in its sector, with models typically ranging from $11,199 to $12,299. With their competitive pricing, the UFORCE 800 and cfmoto Uforce 1000 appeal to those looking for a high-performance side-by-side vehicle without breaking the bank.

The UFORCE 800’s owners consistently praise its excellent value. Because of its powerful engine, flexible features, and vast capabilities, it is an economical choice for both professional and leisurely purposes.

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CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Specifications: A Quick Look

Specification Details
Engine Type V-Twin Cylinder, 4 Stroke, SOHC
Displacement 800cc
Horsepower 62 HP
Torque Not Specified
Top Speed Approx. 65 mph
Transmission CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Fuel Capacity 7.13 gallons
Towing Capacity 1250 lbs
Ground Clearance 10.2 inches
Cargo Bed Capacity 600 lbs

CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Reviews Top Speed 

The CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Reviews is known for its impressive performance capabilities, one of which is its top speed. The UFORCE 800 can reach a top speed of approximately 65 miles per hour (mph). This speed is quite notable for a utility task vehicle (UTV), balancing the need for power and efficiency in various applications, whether it’s for work-related tasks or recreational off-roading.

5 Common CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Problems: Fixes and Solutions

The CFMOTO UFORCE 800 is a dependable and powerful side-by-side vehicle. However, it is facing unique technical challenges just like any other piece of mechanical equipment. Here we’ll go over some of the more typical technical issues seen by CFMOTO UFORCE 800 users, along with exact numerical values and technical ideas for fixing them.

1. Starting Issues

Despite having a fully charged battery, many UFORCE 800 Reviews owners have reported having trouble starting their vehicle on occasion.


Begin by checking the battery voltage, which should ideally read around 12.6 volts when fully charged. If it’s below 12 volts, recharge or replace the battery. If the battery checks out, investigate the starter relay, a common culprit. 

The relay should have a coil resistance of around 70-80 ohms, and when energized, it should have continuity between the terminals. If these values are not met, consider replacing the starter relay. Persistent issues might require professional diagnostics to uncover any deeper electrical faults.

2. Overheating

Off-road vehicles like the UFORCE 800 and 1000 can overheat, damaging the engine and reducing performance.

Solution Control overheats by diligently maintaining the cooling system. Check the coolant level, which should be 1.3 gallons (5 liters) per the manufacturer. The cooling system’s pressure cap should release at 13-16 psi (0.9-1.1 bar) for appropriate operation. The thermostat should open around 160-180°F (71-82°C). 

Cleaning and unclogging the radiator and cooling fan regularly improves heat dispersion. Use a heat shield or exhaust wrap to protect neighboring components from excessive heat.

3. Rough Idling and Stalling

UFORCE 800 owners have complained of difficult idling or stalling for various reasons.


Address rough idling by examining the air intake. Ideal airflow requires a clean, debris-free air filter. Adjust the idle speed to the manufacturer’s specification, often approximately 1,300 ± 100 RPM. 

If it persists, check the fuel system. The gasoline pump should deliver 43.5 psi (3 bar) fuel pressure. Check the fuel injectors for cleanliness and proper resistance of 11-16 ohms. 

Additionally, check the spark plugs and ignition system to ensure the spark plug gap is 0.028-0.031 inches (0.7-0.8 mm). These thorough inspections can fix idling and stalling

4. Electrical Issues

.Electrical issues might cause non-functioning lights, indicators, or accessories.


When troubleshooting a problem, the first thing to do is check the voltage of the vehicle’s battery, which, when completely charged, ought to be at around 12.6 volts. Check that all of the fuses and relays in the fuse box still have continuity and that none of them have blown out. 

Electrical components such as switches and sensors can have resistance tests done on them to check their performance; these tests should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards. Pay particular attention to the wire harnesses and connections, making sure that they are clean and free from corrosion and that they are linked securely. 

5. Sticking Gears

Understanding the reasons of CFMOTO UFORCE 800 Reviews sticking gears and applying suitable remedies can assist preserve the efficiency and lifetime of machinery and mechanical systems. Regular maintenance, adequate lubrication, and cleanliness are essential for preventing and dealing with sticking gear troubles. By taking these preventative measures, you can keep your gears operating smoothly and your equipment performing reliably.


The CFMoto UForce 800 Reviews emerges as a strong contender in the UTV market, especially for those seeking a balance of performance, features, and affordability. It suits both recreational users and those needing a utility vehicle for work purposes. While it may not boast the most advanced tech features, its overall functionality and performance make it a worthwhile consideration.


  • What is the top speed of the CFMoto UForce 800?
    • The CFMoto UForce 800 Reviews can reach a top speed of approximately 65 miles per hour (mph). This speed, however, may vary depending on factors like load, terrain, and vehicle maintenance.
  • How does the CFMoto UForce 800 perform in off-road conditions?
    • The UForce 800 is well-regarded for its off-road capabilities. Its 800cc V-twin engine provides ample power and torque for challenging terrains, and its suspension system is designed to handle rugged conditions effectively.
  • What are some common issues with the CFMoto UForce 800?
    • Common issues reported by users include electrical problems, suspension concerns, engine cooling problems, and occasional transmission glitches. Regular maintenance and prompt addressing of any issues can mitigate these concerns.
  • Is the CFMoto UForce 800 a good choice for utility work?
    • Yes, the UForce 800 is designed for both recreational and utility purposes. It features a robust towing capacity, a spacious cargo bed, and a sturdy build, making it suitable for various work-related tasks.
  • How does the CFMoto UForce 800 compare in terms of value for money?
    • The UForce 800 is often praised for its value for money. It offers a combination of performance, features, and durability at a price point that is generally more affordable compared to some of its competitors in the same category.

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