Yamaha Raptor 90 Top Speed & How to Increase


Yamaha Raptor 90 ATVs are popular with kids because of their safety, reliability, and enjoyment. It provides a safe, fun ride for younger riders. Riders frequently want to speed up the Raptor 90 as they gain expertise and confidence. This article discusses how to safely and effectively increase the Yamaha Raptor 90’s speed, making it more exhilarating while keeping its safety features.

  Yamaha Raptor 90 Tops Speed

A 90 cc single-cylinder engine and fully automated CVT gearbox power the Yamaha Raptor. Its peak speed is 30 mph, although it can travel 15-18 mph. Due to its two speed limiters, it will require some changes.

Increase Yamaha Raptor 90 Speed?

Safe and fun, the Yamaha Raptor 90 is ideal for young ATV enthusiasts. One safety feature is its speed limiter, which limits vehicle speed. The Raptor 90’s speed limitation may be adjusted to fit young riders’ skills and confidence. The text details how to properly modify the Yamaha Raptor 90 speed restriction.

Increase Yamaha Raptor 90 Speed

Adjust The Speed Limiter Features

Yamaha Raptor 90 Top Speed is kept within a sensible range, typically between fifteen and eighteen miles per hour, via an integrated speed control.

Beginner ATV riders’ safety is paramount, making this choice important.

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Throttle Limiter

The maximum speed of an ATV can be controlled by a mechanical device called a throttle limiter. It limits the amount of throttle that can be applied. Parents or guardians may set a maximum speed that is appropriate for the rider’s aptitude, which is particularly crucial for junior ATVs like the Raptor 90.

Adjusting the Throttle Limiter

  • Locate the Limiter: Find the throttle limiter on your Raptor 90. It usually looks like a screw or bolt on the throttle control.


  • Make Adjustments: Use a suitable tool (like a wrench or screwdriver, depending on the limiter’s design) to adjust the limiter. Tightening it will restrict the throttle more, reducing speed. Loosening it allows for more throttle and higher speed.
  • Test the Adjustment: After adjusting, test the ATV in a controlled environment. It’s important to check that the new setting is suitable for the rider’s skill level.


  • Fine-Tuning: You might need to repeat the adjustment process a few times to find the perfect balance between safety and performance.

Safety Precautions

  • Adjustments: Make small adjustments to avoid sudden increases in speed that the rider might not be able to handle.
  • Monitoring: Continuously monitor the rider’s ability and readiness for higher speeds.
  • Safety Gear: Always ensure that the rider is wearing appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, gloves, and protective clothing.
  • Adherence to Regulations: Be aware of and adhere to any local regulations regarding ATV use and modifications.

Engine Speed Limiter Plate

Finally, to control the engine’s power and maximum RPMs, we obtained an engine speed limiter plate. The plastic CDI Box seat incorporates the engine speed restriction plate. The engine’s maximum RPM is 4900 by default, but after you remove it, you may increase it to 8500, which will result in double the acceleration and top speed. The limiter plate is secured in place by two screws; to remove it, just loosen them and pull the plate off. 

However, until you’re comfortable with the quad-core, I suggest that young riders ease off on the throttle limiter screw. When you’re confident in your abilities, you may increase the machine’s speed and power by retightening the throttle restriction, which you can then gradually release again.

Raptor 90 Specs, Key Features & Build Quality

Engine & Drivetrain

Key components of the Yamaha Raptor 90’s drivetrain and engine contribute to the ATV’s reputation as a fun, dependable, and safe choice for young riders.

A fully automated continuously variable gearbox (CVT) and a 90cc four-stroke engine strike a good mix of user-friendliness, safety, and adequate power for an exhilarating ride.

You can better understand the Raptor 90’s popularity among young ATV buyers by familiarizing yourself with these characteristics.

Here is a table outlining the key features of the engine and drivetrain of the Yamaha Raptor 90:

Feature Specification
Engine Type 90cc, SOHC, 4-stroke
Engine Cooling Air-cooled
Engine Capacity 90cc
Fuel Delivery Carburetor
Transmission Fully automatic CVT
Drive System Chain-driven rear-wheel drive
Speed Limiter Adjustable speed limiter
Maintenance Regular servicing including oil changes and air filter cleanings


Pros & Cons 

The Yamaha Raptor 90 is a youth ATV with several pros and cons:


  • Easy Start: Electric starter for simple operation and an emergency kick starter beneath the seat.
  • Comfort: Roomy enough for bigger kids.
  • Convenient Reverse Gear: Aids in maneuvering.
  • Design: Resembles a smaller version of the Raptor 700.
  • Transmission: Automatic, suitable for inexperienced riders.
  • Maintenance: Easy access to filters, fillers, and transmission without tools.
  • Safety: Full floorboards offer good grip.


  • Cost: It’s one of the more expensive youth models.
  • Size Limitation: Riders may outgrow it quickly.
  • Carburetor Issues: May require cleaning due to rough idling, backfiring, and bogging down.
  • Braking: Drum brakes offer less stopping power compared to disc brakes.
  • Non-functional Lights: Headlights and running lights are just for show


A 90 cc single-cylinder engine and fully automated CVT gearbox power the Yamaha Raptor 90, a junior ATV that can reach 30 mph. This speed is rapid for young 90cc models. The Raptor 90’s two speed limiter safety measures limit its speed to 15 mph out of the box. Limiters protect younger, less-experienced motorcyclists. With modest speed restriction tweaks, the Raptor 90 may achieve its full potential, giving a safe and fun peak speed for young riders.

(FAQs) frequently asked questions 

What is the top speed of the Yamaha Raptor 90?

  • The Yamaha Raptor 90 has a top speed of around 30 mph.

Is the top speed of the Yamaha Raptor 90 limited out of the box?

  • Yes, out of the box, the Raptor 90 is limited to around 15 mph due to two speed limiter safety features.

Can the top speed of the Yamaha Raptor 90 be increased?

  • Adjusting the speed limiters can increase the Raptor 90’s top speed to its full potential of 30 mph.

How does the Yamaha Raptor 90’s top speed compare to other Raptor models?

  • The Raptor 90’s top speed is suitable for its class but is slower compared to faster models like the Raptor 125, 250, and 350.

Are the speed limiters on the Yamaha Raptor 90 permanent?

  • The speed limiters are not permanent and can be adjusted to allow the ATV to reach its maximum speed of 30 mph.

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